miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2015


In this final episode of season 2 we discuss patents and the huge impact they're having on the mobile industry. We highlight some of the reasons the mobile industry may be more prone to patent disputes, give the whole patent system a kicking in general and Ben proposes Rafe as a possible solution.
We also briefly discuss valentines day, disappointed wives, babies and Rafe's new app.

A huge thanks to all who have listened and commented during season 2 - especially Andy Hagon, Jamie Holland, Jack in Croatia, Craig, Simon Blackman, Derek Swalheim, James Burland and everyone else who left us such generous feedback by email and in the comments. It's much appreciated and makes us look forward to season 3 all the more!

This week we discuss the 'technology cycle' and how the need to refresh a mobile platform every 5 years - something that is currently causing Nokia and RIM so much pain - will eventually come to Apple.
It's not all bad news though… We think Apple is one of the few firms with the vision and experience to navigate this tricky process successfully.

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